Thursday, April 3, 2014

the 'palace-looking' mind.

recently i just came back from my relatively long holiday in my hometown (at heart) Melbourne city. it was kind of therapeutic for me. i spent most of my days with meeting my close friends there, endless brunches, exploring new places, meeting new people and became friends with them...basically i was like re-living the life i used to have back there.
and most importantly, the biggest impact i got during my trip there is that i felt like i finally found myself again!
dealing with my own 'life battles' in these last 2 years (including family financial breakdown and my own denial about living back in Indo) had damaged me as a person. i lost myself and lived under dark clouds which i created myself everyday.
so this Melbourne trip was supposed to heal my soul, and it amazingly worked!

there was one day when my bf and i were walking around city, we were talking about how we used to spend our days-off doing that but we would feel moody at night because we had to come back to our boring jobs the next day. at that time, suddenly i felt relieved. i was like, "hey, isn't it nice that we get to do this but not having to worry about getting back to work tomorrow?" he definitely agreed.

when we were living in Melb, we both had dream to do something for ourselves, do something that we actually love doing and enjoy. living a flexible life and be able to turn our endless ideas into reality, because we only live once and for a person like me i cannot imagine what it's like to watch my ideas die untouched. there are so many things we want to do and we were never able to do any of them in Melbourne.
we enjoyed our life there because the city is so beautiful and inspiring, but with our inspired minds we were often too busy trying to make a living in our everyday life there, got stuck in a routine and suddenly forgot to set new dreams and goals in our lives there.
the dreams to travel, building a family, having our own house and business before we reach 30 (yeah, all of them) just seemed too good to be true. especially when we didn't come from wealthy families that can help us financially there.

on the other hand, here in Indo is completely the other way around. yes the country is a chaos, the city we're living in is a mess (nowhere near Melbourne), this city is lacking in so many things, but that is where we can actually fill in the holes and realize our ideas. things are more possible to happen here but i stupidly couldn't see them before! i was too busy looking at the bad sides instead of looking at them as gold opportunities.
many opportunities had opened up to us since we got back here, those that we wouldn't even thought of if we were still in Melbourne. we are now able to make real plans in our lives, they're all big but most importantly they're within reach and within our time target :)
and the best part, we get to work in our PJs everyday at home with the most flexible working hours in the world, lol. i'm talking about our small photography business (see here: that just started a year ago and is going to public next year (we have big plans for it too).

i felt even more blessed to have tasted the life in Melbourne in my teen-adult age, and honestly i appreciate and love that city even more now (probably because of the fact that i don't have to deal with working and boring daily routine there). not as the place i HAVE to live in anymore, but as a home that i can run to whenever i feel bored of my life in Indo. the feeling as a tourist at 'home' is ideal for me.
and in between, i can also travel to other places in this wide world. that would be an ultimate dream.

i failed to see the positives within the negatives in my life before, but when i see the bigger picture now i realized that my life that i'm living now in Indo isn't so bad, at all! it's even getting more exciting instead.
i gotta say that everything relies on the power of our not ever underestimate it! we can be happy wherever and whenever, we just need to fix the way we see things. natural happiness or synthetic happiness are both valid. (refer to this LINK , i opened that link when my friend shared it on FB, and i found so right after i experienced it myself).

everything depends on our decision whether to make our mind like a palace where we store only positive thoughts and great imaginations & dreams, or to make it like a jail where we trap ourselves into negativities that will make ourselves miserable.

P.S: the photos below were taken in front of the beautiful Old Melbourne Gaol (Melbourne oldest prison) :))

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bali (2).

after the long wait...finally here is the second batch of my photo diary from Bali.

i spent a hot burning afternoon browsing around at Sukawati Art Market with my boyfriend and some friends, looking for some souvenirs to buy before we flew back home.
hundreds of stalls selling almost similar stuff, i almost gave up searching...but in the middle of my walks, i stopped when i saw a beautiful local teenage girl smiled at me so genuinely as i walked pass by her.
with her sweet shy voice, she invited me to come to visit her stall and have a look at the handmade accessories she was i did.
we were talking to each other while i was choosing some bracelets for myself. she's 13 years old. her name is Putu.
i was so drawn to her because she's such a friendly and nice girl. i could tell that she wasn't being nice just to get me buy her stuff...she has a genuine personality and i could tell from her sparkly eyes :)
she was helping her family in that market. her father was selling paintings. her grandma was with her selling handmade accessories. they are such nice people..

Putu was so shy that when i asked her to take a photo together with me, she was always covering her face with a bamboo fan she was holding. but my boyfriend managed to snap some shots of her when she didn't notice..hehe.

if you come to Bali, don't forget to visit Sukawati Art Market and make sure to buy stuff from this lovely girl! i want to meet her again the next time i visit that place :)

the rest of the photos were taken at Potato Head Beach Club. a very cozy place to enjoy sunset with good music and ambiance. perfect getaway from a busy city life..
the last three photos were on the last afternoon after we had lunch at Beachwalk mall in Kuta.
then we we were waiting for our flights home...slurping natural coconut water. life could not be better.

P.S: i posted the complete set of my Bali trip photos on my photography website, see the full experiences (especially the beautiful sunset) there! :D

Putu and her grandma
at Beachwalk mall rooftop


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

well 'plaid' love.

(this post is dedicated to the love of my life..Andre.)

gotta admit that i haven't been in my brightest self in the last couple of years.. my unhappiness deep down reflected really obviously on everything i did, it was always right there on my face! couldn't help it no matter how hard i tried to hide it. one of my friend even wondered and said that it's almost as if i lost my charm..soul-less. there's no doubt that it was the hardest time i've ever walked through in my life.

but as we all know, wherever there is negativity..there's also standing positivity. and while i was being all round negative about life, my bf always stood beside me trying to cure me with all the positives and love he's got in his blood..and seemed like it never run out.

it's no secret that a depressed person could be nothing less than a huge pain in the ass...especially towards close people around him/her. i was no different. i hurt him with all the worst words i've ever said to a person, rejected him while all he was doing was trying to help me. i shouted at him that i couldn't stand him, when what i really meant was i couldn't stand myself.
he said he couldn't stand seeing me being so self-destructive, but there was never one time he left me alone.
he did nothing but everything he could to make me a bit happier everyday..for almost a year. looking back, i honestly have no idea how he could cope with that...with me that time.
patience was so under-rated until i saw and felt it myself through what he did.

to be honest, i've never seen such people with that kind of almost flawless attitude and energy towards life, other than him. always happy with the goofy smile and never-ending optimism on his shoulders everyday. he never gives up.. not on life, not on me. he defines persistence.

i am almost so sure that noone could ever love me as much as he does, no heart as big as his, no other human could believe in me like he does..not even myself.
and how can i say no to live forever with him when he always persists on giving me so much love despite how an awful human being i could be.. when he always aces my tests like that.. he's definitely my rock.

plaid shirt: Logo, cut-out boots: New Look

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bali (1).

hi guys, how's your holiday preparation going? Christmas is around the corner.. i can't wait!!
meanwhile, since i promised you guys that i will post my photo diary from my short trip to Bali last month, here's some of the first part..
dinner at Bubbagump on the first's located at Kuta.
then Padang Padang beach the next day..

A little info about this beautiful beach, it's the beach where Eat, Pray, Love was shot at. i'm sure you all know this great movie in which the beautiful actress Julia Roberts acted on :)

anyway.. these are only FEW of many more photos that i took!

please do have a look on the complete photo set on my photography website
you can see more photos of these gorgeous places that i've visited in Bali!

hope you all like it :)



to be continued...